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​Prior to making Jefferson her full time residence, Miss LeTulle worked for the Federal government for 19 ½ years traveling most of this time helping others.  As a guest in many other establishments for almost 20 years, Belinda brought her own desired expectations and personal touches to her Bed & Breakfast, a quality, you are sure to love as her guests. 

Pursuits and Passions:  An endearing passion of Belinda’s is her humanitarian work through her non-profit organization “Grain of Wheat ~ Dying To Live “GoW – DTL” who’s purpose is to raise awareness of those in need globally, and promote human dignity worldwide.  The first step to raising awareness is knowledge that needs exists.   She continues to travel to Africa (and globally) to work with children or those in need.  To learn more about her non-profit organization please visit her website.

About Us

The Innkeeper, Belinda LeTulle relocated to Jefferson, Texas when she purchased Austin Street Cottage & Guest Suites in 2007 after staying at the Bed and Breakfast as a guest.  She fell in love with Jefferson’s historic qualities and the events the town had to offer.